Magic 2014 – Duels of the Planeswalkers Expansion

The first expansion for Magic 2014 – Duels of the Planeswalkers was released on the 18th September, for around £3.99 (Steam).  I enjoyed Magic 2014 when I reviewed it, and was keen to check out the expansion too..

Elspeth Tirel

The expansion contains five new decks with 280 unique cards, six campaign levels across the planes of Ravnica and Kamigawa, and five tricky new Challenges.  As with the main game, there are customisation items and achievements to unlock as well.

The first Planeswalker we meet is Elspeth Tirel, the only encounter in Alara and seemingly separate from the campaign.  She has a white and green Exalted deck, and she was a harder foe than I expected, as the Exalted ability gave her creature cards additional bonuses to attack and defense as the game went on.

Defeating Elspeth unlocks her deck for you to use in the campaign, though you could use any of the decks you’ve unlocked and/or modified previously.  I stuck with Chandra Nalaar’s Firewave deck at first, as I feel more familiar with it, but got soundly beaten with it on the aptly-named Summoning Frenzy encounter..

Summoning Frenzy - Captain of the Watch

The red, green and white deck in the Summoning Frenzy encounter includes a number of cards that added creature tokens and then boosts to those creatures.. no matter how many I killed, there were always more on the way!  A different deck should take care of this.. I imagine more experienced players will know just what sort of deck would do the trick, but for a beginner like me, trial and error will have to suffice.

All these new cards means a great deal more depth to the strategy of Magic 2014, and that can only be a good thing.  The new challenges seem tougher than those in the core game too, so those who like a challenge will be pleased too.  For all that the expansion brings to the game, the price is great, so it ticks the value for money box as well!


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