Lesser Mutations

The first two mutations, Realism Versus and Bleed Out, both appealed to me as challenging new game modes.  I enjoyed playing both, and would quite happily return to either.. so I was quite happy to see that Realism Versus is to be added as a permanent game mode.

On to the newer mutations..

The third mutation was Follow the Liter, a mutated Scavenge mode in which only one group of cans appear at a time.  Testing out this mode on the last section of The Passing, I found it made the level a little too easy.

Normally, my group communicate using mumble, with the exception of the odd one or two who don’t have voice.  We’re fairly good at working together, and on this level at least, are quite efficient at clearing out groups of cans while still being able to defend ourselves.

I feel that this mode just removes the need to communicate.  Everybody knows where to go, reducing the need for communicating to simply dealing with the infected.  I’m afraid to say this mode didn’t really get much of a replay during the week.

This week’s mutation involves my favourite little guy, Gnome Chompski!

In Last Gnome on Earth, the mission is much the same as when completing the Guardin’ Gnome achievement – carry the gnome through the level to the finish and thereby rescue him.  The difference is that this time, Gnome Chompski is a beacon for the common infected, and they will swarm to anybody carrying the gnome.
We found this added to the difficulty a little, which was nice, but having rescued the gnome so many times in Dark Carnival, this felt a little bit too much of the same.

Next week’s mutation will be an “encore week”, with either Bleed Out, Follow the Liter or Last Gnome on Earth coming back for another showing.  I’m voting for Bleed Out 🙂

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