LEGO The Lord of The Rings Demo

LEGO The Lord of the Rings is an action-adventure under development by Traveler’s Tales, under license from Warner and LEGO.  The game is out on the Nintendo DS, 3DS and the PlayStation Vita, but the PC, Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360 versions are due out on the 23rd November in the UK.  The PC demo is available to download now!

The demo starts with Theodin, Legolas and Gimli arriving at Helm’s Deep, mention of Aragorn falling, and then his triumphant arrival, complete with flopping fish as per LEGO humour 🙂

The voice acting is from the LOTR film itself, but the characters themselves have the odd extra expression that turns out quite funny.. Legolas waving to the elves, the men cringing as a single arrow is let loose and strikes an enemy, and the enemy’s reaction too!

This sets off the attack, and the demo!  The player controls Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli, switching between them as needed: each has unique abilities, such as Gimli’s ability to smash weakened walls.

Starting at the bottom of the wall, the first task is figuring out how to climb up onto the top.  As expected from LEGO games, there are lots of things to smash.. smashing items results in loot that can be combined to create steps, a set of gears and a hand crank, to move a box and create a way up.  I went nuts with Gimli here, to smash as many blocks as possible 🙂

Up on the top of the wall, the object is to knock away enemy ladders; some can be smashed, while others require you to use Legolas’ bow to shoot the enemy on the top of the ladder, and one had a breakable plate just out of Gimli’s reach.. dwarf tossing time! 🙂

I failed a few times with the second dwarf tossing event.. this is where the enemies are battering down the doors, and Aragorn has to throw Gimli across the gap.  While trying to get Aragorn close enough to throw Gimli over, I managed to send both of them flying off the edge.. then Gimli respawned just over the edge and went splat again!  Throwing dwarves is harder when you’re laughing 😉

My first successful throw had Gimli barrel into the enemies, destroying many of them, but he bounced back into the gap and died again!

The demo ends with a mad charge on horseback, out of the keep and through lines of enemies.. and finally saw Gandalf, come to save the day 🙂

Overall, I liked the game, though I wasn’t keen on character-swapping or how the non-used characters would sometimes just stand there being hit.. I also really wouldn’t recommend playing with the keyboard.. I should have gone and fetched the gamepad!

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