Legendary Pants

I completed Diablo III a while back, with a Demon Hunter.. and played around a little in Nightmare mode.  I remember being frustrated because I had to resort to the Auction House: I wasn’t able to take on Diablo in the gear I’d found or crafted along the way.  The loot drops were poor, and crafting was just too expensive and too hit-and-miss in terms of the magic effects.  When you have to craft four or five pairs of boots to get a pair with your primary stat, that’s not fun.

Diablo III - Legendary Pants - Pox Faulds

I’ve recently started a new game, playing as a Barbarian.. the game has been updated several times to improve drops, and I’ve noticed that, since I’ve been able to upgrade my gear while adventuring.  I’ve even found some Legendary Pants!

The Pox Faulds were a little improvement on the pants I was wearing already, and it’s a good feeling to have something orange at last! 🙂

Notice this line in the description: “These pants occasionally make you stink”.  The pants are made from the treated skin of plague victims.. and they do seem to make me stink, though my Scoundrel follower hasn’t remarked on it yet!

Diablo III - Pox Faulds - You Stink

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