Kyn Release Date Announced

Kyn, the classic role playing adventure game developed by two-man indie team Tangrin and published by Versus Evil, has been given a release date of July 28th for PC, Mac and Linux

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In Kyn, players will control up to six warriors on an epic action RPG adventure as they explore and unravel the mysteries of a fantasy world inspired by Viking myth and legend. Over the course of the game, players will customize their party, craft new items and develop new combat strategies based on their own play style and their party’s strengths.

Kyn offers over 20 hours of gameplay and was designed to ignite the nostalgia of role playing classics.  It will be available for £14.99, with a deluxe edition including the game’s official soundtrack by Will Bedford, for £18.99.

Gamers who pre order Kyn will get the exclusive ‘Legendary Fire Master Set’ which includes full body armor set that can be equipped once a character’s body stat reaches 20.  This pre-order exclusive is not just all about protection, since it also includes the Eye of the Fire Axe, a badass fiery weapon that deals extra damage and increases attack speed once characters reach a body stat of 45.

Kyn background

Kyn can be pre-ordered from: Steam, GOG, Gamers Gate, Direct to Drive, Green Man Gaming and Uplay.

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