inXile and Unity Crowdsourcing Experiment for Wasteland 2

We wanted to alert you to a crowdsourcing experiment between inXile, creators of Wasteland 2, and Unity Technologies, that will put the development of the games’ assets in the hands of fans. This is an industry first of its kind.

Each week, inXile will be putting up concept art to be turned into 3D models for Wasteland 2. By opening up the creative process behind their art asset creation, inXile will be able to work with their fans to increase the overall game experience and free up their internal team to focus on elements that directly impact the gameplay of Wasteland 2.

If a fan’s assets are chosen they will be paid as well as given credit in the game.

The process:

  • A special Artist pack has been set-up by Unity to get the process started. Once ready to submit, developers should label it “hold for inXile Entertainment.”
  • Once submitted inXile will view the assets, select any that they like, and give the creator both money and in-game credit.
  • Even if inXile doesn’t use your asset, models that meet Unity requirements will be made available in the Unity Asset Store which will provide someone else the option to select it and pay for it.

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