Indie Gala Colossus

The latest Indie Gala bundle is out: Colossus.

Talisman Prologue - The Warrior Black Knight

Colossus contains up to 13 games, with several unlocking while the promotion is ongoing.  Games include: Introversion Software‘s prototypes Subversion City Generator and Voxel Destruction; 7.62mm, a tactical action game by 1C Publishing; Talisman Prologue, an adventure by Nomad Games; and another Introversion title, Darwinia, which combines fast-paced action with strategic battle planning.

The unlocked extras so far include three more offerings from Introversion: Multiwinia, follow-up to Darwinia; DEFCON, the nuclear-based strategy game inspired by 1983 film Wargames; and Uplink, a hacking game.  There’s also Hearts of Iron III, a historical conflict sim from Paradox Interactive, and Demigod, a game mixing action and strategy, from Gas Powered Games.

There are three more unlocks in the bundle, to be revealed in the bundle’s second week of sale.  The bundle is available as “pay what you want” but gamers must pay more $1 (£0.65) to receive Steam or Desura keys, and more than $5.42 (£3.50) to receive all the unlocks.

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