Multiplay’s i37 was awesome 🙂left4deadT
Met new people, played loads of games, camped in a wet field, made a few trips to the shops to get ice because the hall was just too hot..

Capped some nice lan treasure.. a crucial pig and a hand-grenade from the last event, thanks to Paw-Fox 🙂

Left 4 dead T-shirt design by a guy called Snakebyte (right)

This time I learned that I don’t actually need energy drinks; I had very little this lan, and needed way less sleep.. and no comedown either.. 😉

Meeting randoms was great – was too shy to do that last lan, but did it this time and loved it.
Strangers have the best candy!

There was a lot of bitching about the noise and vomit.. what I found is that at 6am, all the shouty people are asleep, and the boomers are spent, prolly sleeping it off.. and there are still awesome people around to play with..

Added aircon does not mean the temperature in the hall will be bearable.
Flipflops are essential for the showers, cos you do NOT wanna put your feet on that floor..
Farm Shop is additionally awesome with chocolate+marshmallows!

I won’t be going for i38.. it’s gonna be too cold, and we might be going away for holidays instead.. but roll on i39, even if it is at Newbury again, as rumours have it!

farm shop

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