Homefront Multiplayer

I’ve played a few hours on Homefront’s multiplayer tonight, using the Ground Control playlist.  Ground Control is about taking control of three areas on the map and holding onto them.. after a short while the fight moves along the map with another three spots to fight over.

As none of my friends own the game, this meant playing with randoms.. and well.. there really wasn’t much team-work to be found.  Many players seemed to either find themselves a nice camping spot or just run straight into trouble, ignoring enemy drones which really need to be taken out if they’re not going to be used to mark up the whole team.

After some unsuccessful runs with the basic Assault loadout, I switched to the Sniper.
When playing Battlefield: Bad Company 2 with friends a while ago, I found sniping to be fairly successful on larger maps.. and Homefront’s maps are all a decent size.  The risk of sniping, of course, is that you get accused of camping if you sit around for longer than a few kills.. add that to my general impatience for sitting still, and I found myself best off taking a few kills and creeping forward.. hoping the enemy weren’t able to just run around the back of me.

My favourite map is possibly Suburbs, as there are plenty of buildings to hide in, although it does mean plenty of routes for the enemy to sneak along too.  I just wish I had friends in the game, so we could do more damage!  After this weekend I suspect I won’t be returning to Homefront, instead going to Battlefield because my friends are there.

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