Hill Bill Arrives on Android

Balloon 27’s popular motorcycle stunt game, Hill Bill, will be available to Android users later this September.  Featuring a trick-jumping hillbilly whose dream in life is to be the next Evel Knievel, Hill Bill is already available on iOS.

Hill Bill - Vegas Level Pack

In addition to the Android version hitting this month, B27 also announced today that a new “Vegas” level pack for both iOS and Android.  All players that have purchased Hill Bill for iOS can download the new level pack for free.  New Android players will automatically receive the new “Vegas” level pack with game purchase.

“We’ve been pleased so far with the response to Hill Bill from our iOS fans and look forward to welcoming Android users into the game”, said Ajay Chadha, Founder, B27.  “We are also very happy to announce that our new level pack will soon be available, transporting players to Las Vegas for some new daredevil motorbike jumping challenges”.

Players take on the role of Hill Bill as he becomes a bigger daredevil mastering crazier jumps and tricks every day.  With his trusty third-hand garage-sale bike in-hand, Bill starts by setting up his own ramps to practice his jumping technique before hitting the road to show off his skills, tackling bigger, scarier, more death-defying jumps, including Mud Rallies, Race Tracks, the Circus and even the Grand Canyon.

In the upcoming “Las Vegas” level pack players must take Bill out of the country and into the bright lights of Vegas to clear jumps in the Nevada desert, the spectacular Bellagio fountain, the rooftop of New York, New York and more!  Featuring 10 new levels, cool new mechanics such as loops and moving platforms that require timing and precision to complete, and three new Vegas-themed costumes, the new “Vegas” level pack is free to current Hill Bill players and will be included as part of the full game for new purchasers.

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