HD Capture, a Knob, and Stealing the Beast

My HD capable capture card arrived in the post today!
For the geeks out there, it’s a Blackmagic Intensity Pro HDMI and Analog HD/SD Editing Card.. for me, it means decent-quality screenshots and maybe the odd video, from the 360, PS3 and possibly the Wii.

Well, it would.. but the card absolutely refuses to work in my PC.  Tim spent most of the evening trying to force it to work, as some incompatibility means that it fails to upgrade the firmware, and without the firmware it won’t allow capture. 🙁

In between reboots, Tim also fixed the tension in my exercise bike.. turns out that as it wasn’t set properly, I had been using it on max difficulty.  Hmm, no wonder I thought it was a bit too hard!  The replacement knob came in the post today, so I can now use it as a proper cross-trainer too.

Eventually Tim tried the capture card in his PC (“The Beast”), hoping that would force the firmware upgrade through.. and we found the card works in that.  So this weekend, I’m stealing the Beast so I can capture screens and videos, and Tim is going back to his old pc.. doesn’t seem fair..

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