Hallow’s End

Hallow’s End is another world event in WoW, involving pumpkins, trick or treating and the Headless Horseman.

Since the recent patch, there have been bugs, and it’s in the dungeon for the Headless Horseman that I notice it the most.  The first two attempts had me crash out of the game, only to return once the fight was over.. this turns out to be a problem with mouse-over on the pumpkin to start the event, which doesn’t seem to affect everyone.

I managed to pick up another pet; the Sinister Squashling!  I think he’s rather cute 🙂

Back during the Midsummer Fire Festival, there was the option of interfering with the Alliance bonfires; this time there’s a quest to mess around in Southshore.. by throwing stinkbombs in the town and planting rotten eggs in their beer kegs!  As expected, I was attacked by a few Alliance players, but they weren’t able to get through my shield as easily as in the past.. whether through changes in the patch, or just that I’ve learned to defend myself better.

I’m linking the trick or treating with exploration, as you have to visit each inn for this one.  I’ve had tricks played on me in the form of costumes, such as the bat..

Otherwise I’ve had treats, including candy, masks, and Hallowed Wands which you can use to turn party members into various other forms, such as the Leper Gnome..

We decided such a tiny gnome would look funnier on a massive mount..

The disguises don’t last too long, and disappear if you take damage, but they’re still fun.  I need to find people to use theirs on me, as there’s an achievement for being turned into each type.

I’ve also managed to pick up a broomstick or two.. these aren’t the fastest, but are rather fitting to the event.  We managed to get a stray random following us from Razor Hill, and I was tempted to try and get more people just to see how many we could get in a line 🙂

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