Hairy Tales Out Now

Hairy Tales, the debut puzzle game by Arges Systems, launched today on digital download service Desura for Windows and Mac.  The game is also available for iPhone and iPad through the App Store, and for OSX via the Mac Store.. and is also on Steam Greenlight.

Hairy Tales combines tile-dragging mechanics with “fiendishly difficult” puzzles, with 72 levels split across three distinctive worlds.

The Hairys are an excitable group of fairy folk so eager to clear their world of corruption that they just don’t look where they’re going.  Players don’t control the Hairys directly, but instead alter their environment by dragging the tiles around to help them avoid dangers, grab powerups and clear corruption.

Each puzzle has multiple solutions, with players able to choose whether to go for an easy solution or scale the difficulty up and clear the whole level.

Arges is an independent micro-studio developing games with the Unity 3D game engine.

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