Girl Fight

Girl Fight is an arcade-style 3D fighting game featuring a cast of femme fatales, available on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live for £9.99.

Girl Fight

When a game focuses on scantily-clad girls, has a stripper-esque silhouette in the logo, and boasts “sexy illustrations” amongst its features, my first impression is that this is not a game for me.  However, first impressions can be wrong; I recently played Bayonetta and loved the game and character, for instance.  So I fired up Girl Fight and hoped there was more to the game..

Players take on the role of each of the girls in turn, helping them fight their way out of the clutches of The Foundation, a mysterious scientific organisation that is trying to weaponise the girls’ psionic fighting abilities.  Within the game, the story is barely hinted at: there are comments specific to each fighter, e.g. Warchild is told that her father has been lying to her, and the player is told they need to win the fight to avoid destruction and escape.  It turns out that you can unlock the character’s backstory with points earned for successful moves during combat, but I found the two I unlocked to be generic and dull, and didn’t bother looking for the others.

The Psi powers are interesting: each girl has two Psi Powers, e.g., Life Leech, Steel Skin, Flame Body and Seismic Slam, usable during fights when you’ve made enough successful moves to fill the Psi meter.  Players can select the Psi powers for their fighter from a pool of unlocked abilities; these can also be upgraded to make them more powerful, though it costs a lot of points so you’d need to play for a while to do this.

Girl Fight

As the main draw for the game, I expected the girls to have much better models than they did.. instead they were rather basic albeit with lots of exposed skin and jiggle physics on the boobs.  If anything, they seemed rather robotic and devoid of personality.  The VR environments are better.. they’re varied and interesting, but as there’s a forcefield surrounding the arena you can’t throw your opponent through a wall or interact with the environment in any way.

I don’t play a lot of fighting games, so I checked out Training first.  Training was a disappointment overall, as there was no actual training.. just an opponent who simply stood and waited for me to attack.  As I punched and kicked this hapless opponent, symbols appeared on-screen to show what I’d done, while a disembodied voice comments on proceedings: “excellent”, “disappointing”, “feeble”, “stagger” and so on.  Moves include punch, kick, grab and counter, with the left stick allowing you to make high, medium or low punches, kicks or counters.  There are combos in-game, but you need to go to the menu to access a list as none are suggested in this mode.

Versus Mode allows players to choose any fighter and any environment, and I had Tim join me for a few rounds.  We found the combat weak, and though each fighter seemed to have her own grab / throw animation, there was little else to differentiate between fighters.  The girls don’t speak a word, only grunt and squeal throughout the fight.  The disembodied voice became irritating very quickly, with comments which could have been directed at either of us, we couldn’t tell.

Girl Fight screen

Tim checked out, being unimpressed with the game, and I went on to the Arcade Mode, and Warchild, who is the only unlocked fighter to begin with.  She faces each of the other fighters in turn, in a new VR environment per round, with the disembodied voice of her saviour referencing her lying father and a need to escape by beating all opponents.  At first I wondered if I’d selected the wrong mode, as my opponent wasn’t making any attempt to hit me.  I beat her without taking any damage, and went on to face the second opponent, who barely struck a blow against me.  I played through the whole mode with Warchild, and picked up an achievement for winning 5 matches while using nothing but punches, then went on to get the achievement for winning 5 matches using nothing but kicks.  Towards the end, the opponents were fighting back and I nearly lost one round.  There’s something wrong when a player can simply punch their way through several fights, making no effort to use any other moves!

I also came across the “sexy illustrations” after getting through Arcade Mode.. for beating the mode with Warchild, I had unlocked a portrait of her, posing naked with a gun.  Erm, thanks?  I noticed also that the portraits can be zoomed in on, and there’s a pan option too.  Just what you need to focus in on whatever body part you’re interested in, I guess.  Not my thing, at all.

By this point I was thoroughly bored.. I had no interest in the characters or story, and was feeling a distinct lack of challenge in the combat.  While the psi abilities were interesting, that’s not enough to keep me.. and the “sexy female fighters” aspect of the game was a huge turn-off.


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