Fortix 2 – Demo

I tried out the Fortix 2 demo a few days back, after it caught my eye on Steam.. all it takes is a colourful picture sometimes 😉

Fortix 2 is a reverse turret defense game by Nemesys Games, an indie developer from Hungary.  The aim of the game is to capture the castle while faced with dragons, cannons, and other monsters..

To capture land, you simply walk around it, bit by bit.. taking care not to be hit by monster or cannon ball while doing so.. being hit means losing a life!  You are safe while at the edge of the playfield, but once you have left the side you are vulnerable until you’ve made your way back, fencing off the bits of land as you can.

Claimed land is the same as the land at the edge of the playfield.. you are safe while you are on it, and can set off from anywhere along the edge to claim another piece of land.

The maps in Fortix 2 are lovely, colourful representations of the castle and surrounding area, with hills, trees, swamps and water.. all of which affect how fast you move!  So if you’re heading across a piece of swamp, you may find yourself slowed to the point you can’t escape enemies.  The trick here is to claim smaller pieces of land.. and aim to capture the stray cannons outside of the castle, as once captured, they will shoot at enemy cannons for you 🙂

I found the demo very easy to play.. and while I loved the idea, I thought it was maybe a little too easy as I flew through the entire thing rather too quickly.

Fortix 2 reminds me of Xonix.. a game I played so long ago I don’t really want to say.. suffice it to say the monitor I played on back then displayed only green and black!  Back then, my PC gaming consisted of text-based role playing adventures, Tetris, and a few others.  I’m glad things have moved on, but I wouldn’t have given up my green and black world for anything 😉

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