Fallout: New Vegas

I’ve also been playing around in the Wasteland over the last few days.. and I’m loving it more than I expected to. 🙂

Victor was fairly giving me the creeps after I’d made my way out of GoodSprings.. turning up here and there.. sneaky sneaky!  I’ve also noticed plenty of mention of places and people from Fallout 2, and I’m wondering quite how much of the old locations I might get to see..

For all the comments I’d heard about bugs, so far, I’ve one had one real problem:  After equipping a disguise, my reputation with all but three locations disappeared, and did not return to normal when I put normal clothes back on.  This resulted in a great deal of NCR hate, with them attacking me on sight despite a couple of good deeds in their favour.  To deal with their hatred, I had to equip a NCR disguise, but this wouldn’t work on named NPCs and they would still attack me.. and in any case, I didn’t want to walk around disguised for the rest of the game.

I braved the forums for a solution, fearing spoilers or a lack of any fix, and found that some disguises seem to screw up your rep.  The fix was an easy one though.. re-equip other disguises, take them off again, and see if your reputation resets.  So I killed a group of Legionaries and used one of their disguises; back to normal.  Phew! 🙂

A friend is slightly ahead of me in the game, and is having fun with Deathclaws.  I remember dealing with a lair full of them in Fallout 1, using up every stim and health item I had.. sniping and going for blinding or crippling the arms was particularly useful.  If they’re as tough now as they were back then, well, let’s say I’m looking forward to the challenge! 🙂

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