Falling Out with New Vegas

After many weeks of being distracted with other games, I went back to try and complete Fallout: New Vegas.  I had left the game at The Strip itself, undecided as to whether to support Mr House or kill him, and therefore support Yes Man..

Having been stalked across the wasteland by Victor, I then wasn’t too keen to put my trust in another slightly creepy computer.

Not only was Yes Man another creepy Securiton, he had also belonged to Benny, who had been willing to kill my character for the sake of the Platinum Chip.  I didn’t want to go with either at this point, but ended up giving the chip to Mr House as the lesser of two evils.. instantly regretted as I realised it also upgraded all his robots..

I did a few more missions, but then he asked me to destroy the Brotherhood of Steel chapter.. not something I wanted.
However, the alternative I was presented with, siding with Yes Man, meant also approving of the Omerta’s desire to go on a rampage on The Strip.. well, I don’t want that either..

This is where I’d almost fallen out with the game before, so I decided to explore instead, hoping some more options would reveal themselves.. and in the meantime, I came across a few things..

I recruited Marcus from Broken Hills in Fallout 2, and kept him in my group for the rest of the game.. so was quite excited when his name was mentioned by a mutant near Black Mountain.  I instantly went to find him at Jacobstown.. he hasn’t changed too much, I guess! 🙂

(From the Fallout Wiki)

Here, I waved goodbye to Boone and recruited a new companion, a crazy Nightkin who thinks I’m her granddaughter.  Originally, I only planned to keep Lily for as long as the mission requiring her, but was seriously impressed and have kept her this far.

Despite having had a message that the NCR would no longer accept my help because of helping Mr House, I have been able to get a variety of quests from various NCR camps.. finding missing supplies, running errands, checking on radio outposts and the like.

Some of these quests appear to be leading me towards joining a battle against the Legion.. something I’m looking forward to! 🙂

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