EscapeCraft 2

A friend of mine has been messing around with various fan-made adventure mods within Minecraft lately, one of which was EscapeCraft 2.

I have to admit that I wasn’t hugely interested in the mods, expecting them to be a series of jumping exercises which would frustrate me more than anything else, but after enough prodding I thought I should at least give it a go..

The game starts with a few instructions.. not to punch any blocks other than dirt, and to use Peaceful and Easy modes to prevent or allow mob spawning as puzzles require them.  Of course you could ignore these and punch straight through the walls, but that would defeat the purpose of playing a puzzle game 😉

After receiving your instructions, you drop into the starting room – the scenario is that you’ve just awoken and are in some kind of testing facility.

In the next room, I was reminded of Portal’s Companion Cube, as I was asked to pull a lever on the wall and kill ‘Subject 1089’..

Killing the hapless test subject opened the door to the next area.. once through, I found out that there was another way to solve the puzzle.. a hidden forge in this room contains a lever which you can use to open the door without harming any animals!

The next room involved two waterfalls and a lot of lava.. after a few burnings I made it through.  I should note that death results in the loss of items in your inventory.. this might not matter if it were random items of treasure, but if you lose an item needed to solve a puzzle, you’ll need to re-copy the world into your Minecraft folder and start over.

Following the waterfall and lava room came the obsidian and wool room.. and with the gift of gravel and iron I created fire!

The fire spread along the walls and to the roof; blocks then fell to create the stairs to the next area.  Very nicely done 🙂

After fire came water.. which had to be poured into the right place to not set off the TNT which lined the room.

Again, no mishaps.. though I was tempted to set the TNT off for the chained explosions that would have resulted 😉

Following these successful levels, some GlaDOS style notices warned me of what was to come.. other.. subjects?

Zombies joined me in the puzzle that was to follow, and I managed to get myself killed when one dropped down beside me and made me jump.. I blindly lashed out with the sword and smashed the glass floor of the maze.  Durrp.

After completing this level, I stopped the game on account of pub lunch 🙂

One conclusion though.. Minecraft mods are nowhere near the jumping-puzzle hell I expected, and the puzzles are actually quite clever..

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