Elementals and the last day

This is the last night before the patch that destroys WoW as I’ve known it since starting playing.
This is both good and bad.. good because it brings loads of awesome new stuff.. bad because it’s going to remove stuff I’ve not really played to death yet.

Over the last few days, we’ve been dealing with Elemental Invasions every few hours, where elementals attack the cities.

Eventwise, step one is preparing the area, or evacuating if you were a low-level player.
In Thunder Bluff, preparation involved placing enormous windbreaks around the city, while in Orgrimmar we had large spiky barricades.

Stage two involves freeing trapped villagers and fighting off the elementals.. killing enough allows the rifts to be closed and the invasion to end.. temporarily.  The elementals were harder to kill than I expected, and we turned out to not be quite so immune to being trapped ourselves.

As well as elementals, there were also a series of four bosses to deal with.

Grand Ambassador Flamelash was one of the harder bosses for me, as he kept spawning rather nasty fires which dealt a lot of damage.  Don’t stand in fire!

Representing Earth: Crown Princess Theredras.

I had a few line of sight issues at first, along with the fear of being thrown too far away from the group, but after a few repeats she wasn’t too difficult.. we hit her over and over tonight, until she dropped me some very nice gear: the Earth Bride’s Gown 🙂

I found Kai’ju Gahz’rilla the easiest boss to deal with although there was more damage being taken by the group.  Ice spikes were easily avoidable, and I could still heal on the move.

Fighting here reminded me of levelling a long while ago, when I was frustrated by the enemies polymorphing us into frogs.

Prince Sarusan was the last of the four bosses and well.. “ouch, cyclones” sums things up nicely!  Getting thrown into the air meant lots of damage on landing, and levitate made no difference.. it wasn’t always easy to avoid, either.

So.. the server just shut down, logging us out on the roof of Orgrimmar’s bank.  What will I see tomorrow.. and will I like it?

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