E3 2015 – EA

Electronic Arts’s E3 2015 conference started with the announcement of Mass Effect Andromeda, the latest adventure in the Mass Effect universe.

Mass Effect Andromeda is due Holiday 2016 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

EA showed gameplay for the latest Need for Speed, which returns on 3rd November 2015 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

This iteration of the driving game will feature the richest customisation yet, with five overlapping stories and five ways to play: Speed, Style, Build, Crew or Outlaw.

Need for Speed - Speed

Star Wars: The Old Republic – Knights of the Fallen Empire was announced with a cinematic trailer.  This newest expansion is coming in October, and will be free to all subscribers.

The trailer introduces fans to the tragic destiny of twin heirs caught in a web of evil and manipulation spun for them by the darkest and most powerful Emperor yet to threaten the galaxy.  Conquest comes at a price!

Unravel, a puzzle platformer by indie developer Coldwood Interactive, was announced.

Yarny, the game lead, is a creature made of yarn who uses his own body to explore the world around him and solve puzzles.


Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 made another appearance on stage, with gameplay footage.  This time around, the zombies are victorious and have turned Suburbia into Zomburbia, and it’s up to the plants to take it back!

New classes will be available in this sequel: the undead Captain Deadbeard, a zombie Superhero and a zombie imp, and for the plants, the time-travelling Rose, massive orange Citron, and Kernel Corn.  There’s also a new four player co-op mode, Graveyard Ops, in which the zombies must fend off waves of plants.  Twelve maps will ship with the game, and EA have promised to continue to deliver free content updates after launch.

EA announced NHL 16 and NBA Live 16, and introduced GameFaceHD, mobile face scanning to put players in the game.  There was also footage of FIFA 16 and Madden NFL 16, with women footballers being added to FIFA for the first time.

Minions Paradise is a new mobile game from Illumination Entertainment, the creators of the MINIONS movie, and EA.

When bumbling Phil sinks the cruise ship carrying all his fellow Minions, he must turn a deserted tropical island into the perfect paradise!  The game is coming to the AppStore and Google Play later this year.

EA showed gameplay for the long-awaited Mirror’s Edge sequel, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, due on 23 Feb 2016 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

There are no levels, and no loading screens, and a new version of Runner’s vision to help players navigate the city.

EA had more in store for fans of Star Wars, with a world premiere of Star Wars Battlefront gameplay..

Battle in epic 40 multiplayer battles reminiscent of The Battle of Hoth.  As the Empire, you must accompany AT-AT walkers as they march towards the Rebel base to destroy it.  And as a Rebel, you must do everything you can to stop them.  Star Wars Battlefront is coming to the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on the 17th November 2015.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes was also announced, a new mobile card-based roleplaying game that will be available later this year on the App Store and Google Play.

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