Dwarfs!? Base Defense

Dwarfs!? has a Tower Defense mode called Base Defense.  This mode starts off with the diggers, who actually dig out the paths the monsters will use, and with a little direction and coin, you can have them create a reasonable maze.

However, you also need to reserve enough money to build towers.. there are eight types to choose from, from the simplest, the Stone Tower, to the powerful but expensive Lightning Tower.  Once the first wave of monsters have been dealt with, a second gate opens, with a second digger.. and the same with the third and fourth gates.

Rather than build a second maze, I made him cut a path to the start of the first, so the monsters pass by the towers I’ve already built.

After all the gates have been opened, the next waves allow for banking up some money.. and you should, as you want the Missile Tower or the Lightning Tower for dealing with the Titan 🙂

Later on there’s a level with many of these swarming in, and as they end up arriving in pairs, my defenses are proving inadequate.. I can take one down, but that leaves the next free to run to the middle and destroy it!  I may have to check out what others have done, as there are some seriously amazing scores on the leaderboard! 🙂

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