Duskers First Update

Duskers’ developers, Misfits Attic, have been listening to the community and have now updated the game with a variety of upgrades and fixes.

“We took your feedback and created ways for you to defy the RNG Gods!  Now when you die it’s 60% more YOUR fault!  Vents, Breaking Upgrades, Radiation… nothing can stop you… probably… maybe! ”

In particular, attention has been paid to vents and upgrade breaking.

Previously, new players were being confused by enemies apparently coming from behind.. they were coming out of vents from in the ship.  Vents now show up as an overlay on both Drone View and Schematic View, and this gives players a clue that something is there that they may need to pay attention to.

Upgrade breaking has been reworked as players felt it was unfair that upgrades could break randomly and with no warning, potentially ruining a mission entirely.  There’s now a mission-based failure probability available for players to see and decide whether they want to risk it or not.  The state of an upgrade will now change in the diagnostic report following the mission.

The full list of changes can be viewed here, and feedback and discussion can be found here.

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