Dragons and Giants

Skyrim, Skyrim, Skyrim.. I’ve played nothing but this all weekend!

I was going to take a break for some Minecraft, since the new version is out and I wanted to work on my project.. but the CraftBukkit server itself has yet to be upgraded from 1.8.  I really should have checked on this before updating my client.. but I didn’t.. and now I either wait for the update, or go and backdate Minecraft to 1.8 again.. yeah.

Laziness won out this time, and I went back into Skyrim..

I was rather chuffed when my power attack caused my character to climb on the dragon’s head!  For some reason, I get an error from Steam when I try to upload this screenshot.. or the one of me balancing on tiptoes on his head as he dies..

Yesterday’s explorations took me to a Dwemer dungeon.. I loved the look of this place, though to be honest I loved the previous Dwemer ruins and dungeons too 🙂

Various other explorations brought me face-to-face with some giants.  I say face-to-face.. face-to-crotch would be more appropriate!

The one I met on the road didn’t seem to have any interest in attacking me, whether by glitch or design.. but I got into a very tough fight with one later.  At this point I’m finding a nice variation in the strength of enemies, with the Giant being a decent threat, but wolves and bandits being easy meat 🙂

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