Dragon Age: Origins

Along with Darksiders, I’ve also been busy with BioWare’s Dragon Age: Origins..

I started off as a Human Noble, in Cousland Castle.  At first, I have to admit I was a little put off by the amount of cutscene dialogue, which just seemed to interrupt me in exploring the castle.  These were needed to set the scene though, and I don’t think the game would have been the same without.

So, after being awoken by an attack in the night, and finding that my family have been betrayed, I go off with Duncan and Dogmeat (the dog) to become a Grey Warden.

My first stop is Ostagar, an ancient fortress surrounded by Darkspawn.  As part of my induction, I’m sent out into the wilds to kill some darkspawn and collect a few vials of their blood.. and then yeah.. interesting cutscene.. 🙂

Fighting is done by clicking on your target and then either allowing a normal attack, or using special moves from the quickbar.  Pausing the game between turns is definitely the way to go as it allows for more fine-tuning on your attacks.  You can also control your party members the same way, or if you prefer not to worry about them, you can use the tactics system to give them instructions for various conditions.  I found myself using both methods, with the tactics system as a fallback.

Graphically, the game looks great – with the exception of the blood spatters over your character and party following a fight, which just don’t look right at all.

I accidentally found one way of getting rid of these though.. which was a little disturbing, if not downright revolting.  I had Dogmeat in my party near the beginning of the game, and after one such fight I clicked on him while trying to loot the fallen enemies.
One of the speech options that appeared was something to do with “getting rid of this gory mess”, which I assumed to mean getting rid of the bodies and leaving the loot behind..  Selecting this, however, initiated a cutscene of him stepping towards my character, and the screen going black for a moment.  After that,  my character was spotlessly clean again.. 😮

So, aside from being bathed by my dog, there were also a number of funny lines from my party members, including sniping and put-downs between some characters, and my character being chatted up by Alistair and Leliana!

I’ve not finished my first play-through yet, but I’ve already decided I’m going to play this through again but with an evil, twisted character, and access the options that my goody-two-shoes character this time just won’t do! 🙂

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