DLC Quest and Lair of the Evildoer

The latest Indie Royale bundle is The St. Patricks Day Bundle: pay what you want for five games: Hard Reset, Jolly Rover, Vertex Dispenser, DLC Quest and Lair of the Evildoer!  Hard Reset, Jolly Rover and Vertex Dispenser came with Steam keys, while DLC Quest and Lair of the Evildoer were available through Desura or via download.

I played Going Loud Studios‘ DLC Quest first, a platform action game which takes a rather amusing swipe at the games industry and the increasing use of DLC, as well as gamers’ fears that we’re being exploited by DLC.

After the bad guy appears and snatches the Princess, the sound, animation, and even the ability to jump and move left are removed!

You need to buy DLC if you want all the features!  😉

Four coins are on the path towards the shopkeeper to the right; these are just enough to buy the Movement Pack 🙂

Once you can jump and move left, the game is a fun coin-collecting platformer, with a few NPCs, hidden areas and ‘awardments’ to collect.. and plenty of really funny instances of game progression relying on additional DLC.  I was surprised how much I enjoyed the game, and how much it made me laugh.  I only wished the game was longer!

After finishing this game, I started on the second game by Going Loud Studios: Lair of the Evildoer.

You are the creation of the evil Dr. Odious.  After testing you, he is so disappointed with your performance that he has decided to fetch somebody to dispose of you.  You need to escape!

Off you go, down through 20 procedurally generated levels filled with undead enemies and turrets which are somewhat randomised, but get tougher the closer to the ground floor you get.  Some are immune to projectiles, while others have more health or are faster.  Killing enemies grants experience, allowing you to level up and improve your stats, and there are new weapons to pick up as you go.

You have three weapon slots; main weapon, side-arm and melee, so when you find a new weapon, you have to drop the current one for that slot.  The different weapons you come across have varying stats affecting firepower, rate of fire, and so on.. and they’re not always better: the SMG was good for taking down an enemy, but the Razor gun sent spinning blades of death around corners, and the RPG dealt a lot of damage, but was very slow to reload.

I found that the RPG was great for a few shots into a crowd of enemies, but I didn’t like the slow reload and always picked my previous gun back up before moving on.  I loved the Razor, but felt it was a little overpowered when I could shoot through the next door and wipe out enemies that hadn’t even seen me yet.  The silliest gun had to be the Penhorse gun: a magic wand that fired fairies!  The fairies then went to attack the nearest enemy, and counting as melee, they were able to damage even those bosses which were supposed to be immune to projectiles.

I wasn’t sure at first if I’d like this game as the controls felt rather sluggish at the start.. but after a few minutes I didn’t really notice.  I liked the humour in the game.. I suspect all of Going Loud’s games have some element of humour after seeing this and DLC Quest!

Like DLC Quest, the game is rather easy.. small enemies can be sent flying with your melee attack, and only the bosses stand up to fire for long.  Your health regenerates, although slowly; and if you are killed it just means a restart of the level.  Sometimes, easy is what’s wanted though, and this game was rather fun to play with the variety of loot and randomised levels meaning you never quite know what you’ll find.

After you’ve made your way out of the Lair, an ‘Endless’ mode is unlocked, allowing you to use your levelled and geared character through levels of the basement!

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