Diablo III Starter Edition and Other News

Diablo III launches tomorrow.. woop!

For those who aren’t planning to buy the game right away, there will be a Starter Edition and Guest Pass!

Information about this was originally leaked, as Battle.net account holders discovered they had access to the Diablo III beta client.. and that they were able to create characters tagged with a Starter Edition label.  Blizzard have since taken the beta down to address “an issue affecting the beta accessibility”.

The Starter Edition will be very like the Beta: containing Act 1 up to the Skeleton King, and allowing a max character level of 13.  However, players will only be able to use matchmaking with others using the Starter Edition, so no grouping with friends who own the full game.. and as you’d probably expect, these players will not be able to use the Real Money Auction House.

In other news for Blizzard last week, the battle for the DOTA label is now over, with Valve winning the right to use the name for their game, DOTA 2.  Blizzard’s game is now to be called Blizzard All-Stars.. and both games will be going ahead without any more legal issues threatening delays.

Blizzard have also been working on World of Warcraft, with new technology developed for Mists of Pandaria allowing them to introduce cross-server zones for under populated areas such as low level zones!  This should liven up some of those deathly quiet places.. though it might mean more competition for those of us farming herbs and the like 😉

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