Diablo III Hardcore, or, Am I Mad?

I’ve been playing more Diablo III this week, with a Barbarian who is great fun to play, wading into packs of enemies, and so much tougher than the Demon Hunter that it may as well be a different game.  Of course the various patches and tweaks have helped, but there’s more interesting loot drops too.. three Legendary items in my trip through Normal.  Though I died to Belial (not getting out of his mess quickly enough), I managed Diablo with ease, unlike when I met him with my Demon Hunter.

So, I finally decided to face Diablo III’s Hardcore mode.  I normally avoid hardcore mode like the plague.. I don’t really like the thought of losing my gear and progress.. but right now, I want to try the challenge!  It’s going well so far, though I’m anticipating trouble around every corner, and I miss my Stash.

I think my gear will look very different by the end of the game too, less damage and gold/magic find, and more protective and life/regeneration stats.  I think it’ll be hard to turn down Magic Find, though.  I like my shinies 🙂

Diablo III - Shoes

She might be a Barbarian.. but.. shoes! 😉

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