Dead or Alive 5 – DLC Pack 5

Team Ninja have now released the fifth DLC pack for Dead or Alive 5, adding new clothing, from martial arts to gangster attire!

The packs are:

China Pack (€4.99 / 400 Microsoft Points) – Jann Lee and Brad Wong slip into their kung fu uniforms, Gen Fu sports his White Tiger fighting gear, and Helena steps out in a lovely white gown.

What a Character 2 (€4.99 / 400 Microsoft Points) – Kasumi hops into a black bunny swimsuit, Mila masquerades as Bass while Zack transforms into an alien, and Christie turns heads in black leather bondage gear.

Special Set 3 (€4.99 / 400 Microsoft Points) – Leifang serves up the pain in her maid uniform, Tina shows who’s boss in her mayoral garb, Eliot mixes it up as a dashing bartender, and Bass isn’t bashful in his all-white mafia suit.

And for the DEAD OR ALIVE 5 devotee who craves them all, the Round 5 Costumes – Full Set (€12.99 / 1040 Microsoft Points) includes all three costume packs at an unbeatable discount.

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