Dead Island Announced

I checked Twitter this morning to see a few comments about an amazing trailer for Dead Island, visually and emotionally stunning, with some suggesting it might be the best trailer of the year..

Dead Island is a game being made by Techland and published by Deep Silver, and is an open-ended survival horror first-person shooter with RPG elements.. and zombies.  Zombies?  Count me interested..

I watched the trailer expecting to see hordes of zombies, some sort of survivors, maybe some guns, definitely some gore.  My initial amazement at the trailer, and the close-up of the dead zombie child, turned towards horror as I realised it was all in reverse chronological order..

(Trailer from IGN).

After watching, I felt really, really bad for the family.. but no less interested in the game!

It seems there’s quite a range of views on the trailer, with some condemning it for portraying a child’s death.. and some going as far as to say this sort of content is ‘wrong’.  I think the trailer does a great job.  You’re meant to feel the despair and horror of all those lives lost.. that little family ripped apart..

I really hate the pro-censorship types who have been parading their views around the web recently.  There are far worse things shown on the news.. things that are happening to real people.. but this lot would rather try to stamp on the games industry.  Pfft.

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