Dawn of War II – Co-operation!

I’ve had two attempts at completing the single player in this game.. the first when I originally got the game early last year, and the second very abortive attempt just before the release of Chaos Rising this year.  Tim has completed the game though, and wanted to play co-op..

At first, I found it a little harder to play with Tim as he talks a lot less on mumble than I’m used to these days.

As usual, the defense missions were the easiest, as I’m fairly defensive anyway, though it was strange not having control of all four units.

Eldar are tougher than they look 😉

Idranel was particularly tough.. more so when we encountered her the second time.  During that fight, we needed to revive each other a few times 😉

I’m betting this will be the next game I complete, as I’ve got a little extra push..

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