This week, I’ve been fighting off the minions of heaven and hell as War in Darksiders, a post-apocalyptic action game from THQ.

War feels rather overpowered, with his massive sword and the fun auto-kill moves, especially when dealing with the general zombies.  For these, hitting the auto-kill button means grabbing them by the ankles and smashing them into the ground, or picking them up by the head and then squishing it!  Cue running around the Crossroads section of the game and only using this button..  Well, that’s one way of getting rid of the day’s stresses! 🙂

In GameInformer’s interview with Vigil’s General Manager, he said the original idea would have had all four horsemen available to play in a four player co-op.. damn..  That could have been a serious rampage..

I’m enjoying this game lots, though at the moment I’m suffering a little from having too many games, but not enough time..  so I’m not likely to finish it too soon.

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