Darkmoon Faire

Another in-game event, the Faire happens once a month, and so this is my first one.
The wagons appeared the day before the faire was to start:

I’m still being surprised by how things change in the game world.  I think if I’d have come across these by myself, I would have wondered what was going on, but I might not have thought to check back..

Darkmoon Faire is easy to get to for anybody this month, being close to a starting area.  At other times it appears in rather more high-level areas.. keeps things interesting, though.

Within the Faire there are various traders, some of which sell more unusual items, along with some interesting characters such as the strongest woman, all with little quests to earn tickets.  The tickets can be turned in for random items, as with the blossoms at the Midsummer Fire Festival.

There was also an odd little character selling frog boxes, and I picked up a couple of new pets to add to the collection 😉

I also had myself fired from a cannon, but was unable to land dead-centre in the target, a lake a little further away.  Nice flight though 😀

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