Crash Course

I love this new DLC for Left 4 dead.. I was almost starting to feel a bit fed up with the same maps, so this came at a great time for me.

Once downloaded – and that took a while, with everybody else hammering the servers!  I took my time playing it through and examining everything.   I see they’ve sneaked in a few additional comments here and there.. the dead helicopter pilot (shot by Zoey, because he turned!) and new dialogue.. one little exchange in particular shows they all LOVE Steam! 😀

Holed up in the safe room at the start of the second chapter, there’s a whole wall of poetry, and a bunch of comments too.. made me giggle 🙂

Versus mode though – that’s where it’s at!  So far, it looks like the map is heavily in favour of the Infected, for reasonably balanced teams of course.
I don’t know about ridiculously skilled teams – I’m going from personal experience as always – but somehow, despite the whole thing being shorter, there just seems so much more packed into it.

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