ConquerX2 Oktoberfest

OnNet Europe today announced “ConquerX2 Oktoberfest” with special in-game items, events and contests available from 25 September to 9 October.

Conquer x2

Featuring the “Berlin Science Center Spectrum” contest, the new special Festival Chloe and, of course, Beer Boxes, “ConquerX2 Oktoberfest” commences now!  Players can participate by logging in and playing ConquerX2 today!

“We’ve been looking forward to Oktoberfest all year and have put a lot of work into creating fun incentives and rewards for ConquerX2 players during this festive time of year”, said Kyeong Yun, Production Director from OnNet Europe.  “We encourage everyone to join in intergalactic domination now to take advantage of our special ‘ConquerX2 Oktoberfest’ events”.

Players can participate in the Berlin Science Center contest from 25 September – 9 October by dressing in Oktoberfest regalia (Lederhosen or Dirndl) with a clever ConquerX2 spin and then post a photo to the ConquerX2 event page.  The winner will win a weekend-trip for two to Berlin, including a visit to the Science Center (Spectrum), the Zeiss-Planetarium and a Berlin City Tour!

ConquerX2 fans can also use Dark Force (in-game currency) to purchase the limited-edition Festival Chloe to provide a one to seven-day boost in management and trade skills and a 40% fleet time decrease.  Lieutenant Chloe is available in-game from 17 September – 09 October.

And, of course, no Oktoberfest celebration would be complete without beer, so players can also use Dark Force to purchase an in-game Beer Box full of goodies, including 100,000 credit and boosts in research and construction times.

For more details about the “ConquerX2 Oktoberfest” events and the additional community contests, visit the event announcement page.

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