Completing Dead Rising 2

Last time I played this game, we found ourselves slightly frustrated by the Psycho encounters which we always seemed to run into when we had Survivors in tow.  Eventually we left it with ‘Case 4-1 : The Source’ unfinished, as Amber and Crystal cut us down again and again with their katanas, forcing us to repeat a large chunk of the game.

This time, we got ourselves a better save-point and returned to give TK’s sleazy girls the beating they deserved, though not before trying out a few more crazy weapons and levelling our characters up a bit more..

There was also a repeat of “Dressing Up with The Undoer” as he found even worse clothes to wear..

Seriously.. look at that hat.. 😉

After killing the twins, we found the regular zombies were rather easy for a while, so we racked up the points playing with more custom weapons.. my favourites this time being the Defiler, made by combining the Fire Axe and Sledgehammer, and the Lightsa.. er, Laser Sword, made with a torch and gems.

In the end we screwed up slightly by not giving TK his Zombrex.. so while Katey was loaded onto the helicopter and the day was saved, Chuck Greene was not.  I think this calls for a replay, and if we can start again with levelled characters, we might be able to save a few more survivors this time. 🙂

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