Chaos Rising – Pure

A friend and I finally got together to complete the last mission of our co-op campaign on Dawn of War II – Chaos Rising, having gotten most of the way through it back in January.

This last mission, Foul Play in the Chapter Keep, started with Predator tanks, which we were meant to use to clear the path for our later fights.. it was good to feel powerful and I would have liked to have mine for longer!  I was a bit disappointed when I lost control of the tank after being given my regular units back.

The Undoer thought we’d missed something, and ended up going down the path where Eliphas was hiding all by himself.. this meant Jonah got a little time laying on his back while the rest of the troops came to find him.  Eliphas put up a bit of a struggle, but not too much.. a warm-up for our future confrontation with Ulkair, the Great Unclean One and final boss.

Ulkair had his own arena..

Compared to other fights, this one was fairly tough and Force Commander Bob and Jonah had to take it in turns to tank him.  I was glad of Jonah’s healing skills as well as the invulnerability buff.. not the mention the nearby beacon where I had to keep reinforcing troops.

We took him down in the end, and were rewarded with a rather cool cutscene and a bit more story.

And there it is.. another game completed!  Next up: Dawn of War II – Retribution.. although I do want to play this again on the corrupt side! 🙂

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