Celebrate Six Years of Shot Online

OnNet Europe celebrates the sixth anniversary of golf simulation Shot Online today by announcing a lineup of tournaments, contests and fan forum events.  Beginning today, Shot Online players can enter the Nations Tour, take part in the May Quest, or participate in a number of other special edition quizzes, lotteries and missions for the chance to win prizes.

Shot Online

“The Shot Online community has been an incredible support through the last six years, and we wanted to do something to both give back to the community and to welcome new players”, said Kyeong Youn, Production Director from OnNet Europe.  “We are offering a wide range of different types of events, missions and more so that every player will find something that they excel at and enjoy”.

Anniversary Events:

The excitement starts today in Shot Online, as players can participate in a variety of different limited-time events:

· Nations Tour – 24-25 May
· May Quest – 28-31 May
· Fan Art Facebook Contest – 13 May-9 June
· Conquer 6th Hole Temporary Quest Series – 15-29 May
· 66 Birdie Rounding Hole Count Event – 17-20 May
· Guild Friends Photo Event – 17-28 May
· EXP Event Series – 20-26 May
· Six Birdies for Six Days – 21-26 May
· Shot Online Quizzes – 22-26 May
· Anniversary Lottery – 24-26 May
· Mission Events – 21 and 25 May
· Special Action Events – 23 and 26 May

Shot Online is a highly accurate golf simulation experience with deep role-playing gameplay.  Drawing from the celebrated history of golf, players can access realistic and rare items to utilize as well as interact with other golf and online game enthusiasts through a series of quests and competitions that gradually help enhance their character abilities.

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