Catching More Espers

A few weeks ago, I came across Geomon, a role-playing game by Loki Studios, where you fight and capture spirit-based creatures called Espers.  The game makes use of geolocation, time of day, and weather conditions to determine which Espers will appear on your radar, and it is this part of the game which has really had me coming back.. I love the fact the enemies are different every time I turn the game on.

Missions were added to the game today, adding a little more direction to the game.

These are optional, and rather simple: for instance, “Where is my Mind?” requires me to scan and dissipate (defeat) four Mind Espers.  “Night Glider” suggests using a particular Esper to complete the mission, so I think there is a potential for more challenging missions later, but for now, it’s nice to have something else to make progress towards.

I also came across an Alpha this week..

The Alpha appeared as a star on the radar, and when I clicked to look, I found he was “only” level 12, compared to my level 13 Varg.  He turned out to have rather a lot of health, and after a few strikes on either side, he summoned minion drones to fight in his place, which I had to defeat before fighting him again.

I would have liked to capture him.. I should probably note that I really love the creature design and sheer variety between the Espers I’ve seen so far 🙂

On defeating him, I received a huge XP boost to all five Espers in my party, even the ones that died in battle.. they don’t normally receive XP after a fight where they are defeated, so this was unexpected, though I’m not going to complain about it 😉

Geomon is still being developed, so there a few features are still incomplete, such as Bounties.  I have collected some items listed as Bounty Samples, and at present they don’t have any use that I can see.. but they don’t take up any room in the inventory so it isn’t a problem.  I’m guessing that Bounties will be PvE, with powerful Espers to hunt down rather than any kind of PvP, as I think this would be easier for people to drop in and out of.

There is some PvP in the game, in the form of Duels.. though when I’ve looked at the mode so far, I’ve only turned up an AI Sparring Drone.  Duels work like the fight against the Alpha, with minions being brought out first.  There is also a 30 second time limit for you to make your move or lose it, and you have no access to your inventory for healing items, I guess so it can’t be exploited by somebody buying a large stockpile of improvement items 🙂

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