Bundle Stars Launches Stellar Bundle

Bundle Stars, the online game retailer, has today launched its first Stellar Bundle of awesome indie PC games for just $1 (77p!), giving gamers the chance to pick up four Steam games at a bargain basement price.  The first Stellar Bundle deal, titled Zombies Vs Aliens, features four gory arcade shooter games which have become indie cult favourites; Zombie Shooter, Zombie Shooter 2, Alien Shooter Revisited and Alien Hallway.

Bundle Stars - Stellar Bundle - Zombies Vs Aliens

By purchasing the bundle of downloadable PC games from Bundle Stars, gamers can make a huge saving compared to buying the games individually.  By buying any bundle from Bundle Stars, gamers are also supporting the games’ developers and contributing to the SpecialEffect charity which helps children and adults with severe disabilities to enjoy computer games (www.specialeffect.org.uk).

For just $1 gamers receive Steam keys for:

Zombie Shooter sees players fighting to save humanity as crowds of zombies fill the research base and start to take over the world.  Gamers must fight through contaminated hordes, choose from different weapons, upgrade their armoury as they earn more money and improve character skills to improve chance of survival.  Plus, there are two additional game modes; Survive and Gun Stand, which players can use to determine how good they really are.

Zombie Shooter 2 is a unique blend of two game genres; Action and RPG.  With three game modes to choose from – Campaign, Survive and Gun Stand, players can choose a character, develop skills through gameplay, earn money and choose from over 60 weapon types, medications and devices to fight against thousands of zombie enemies.

Alien Shooter Revisited sees players fighting the crowds of blood-thirsty monsters to stop them invading the secret research base.  Players must earn points to have access to the full choice of weapons and inventory, including dynamite, implants and drones, to battle against the aliens.

Alien Hallway is a challenging action-strategy shooting game, fuelled with adrenaline.  In a tough dynamic single-player game, gamers must control an entire army and destroy the enemies with super-powered weapons.  From throwing grenades to using airstrike skill and upgrading both the base and the units, players must make serious rational decisions saving soldiers and earning gold bonuses which are vital in this intense confrontation.

Grant Hughes, Digital Director for Bundle Stars, commented today: “Destroying vast hordes of the undead has never been more satisfying, or affordable.  Zombies Vs Aliens gets our new range of Stellar Bundle deals off to an electrifying start with four highly entertaining indie games from Sigma Team.”

He added: “Stellar Bundles are carefully curated to give gamers more bang for their buck.  Now all our gamer friends can enjoy a bonus, ultra-low-price gaming fix in between our best-selling headline bundles.”

The first Stellar Bundle deal is available to download now for just $1/77p, but gamers should be quick as this low price is available for a limited time only.  Visit http://www.bundlestars.com/deals/ to grab Zombies Vs Aliens now!

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