Borderlands again

I originally started playing through Borderlands at i40 with the guys, but we’ve not managed to play as a group again since.. not enough time when all four of us are around!

Rather than let the game gather dust, a friend and I have started a new game, with the intent of playing at a slower pace.  During our i40 session, I felt that I was trying to chase the rest of the group rather than play with them, especially after spending time scratching my head over which gun I should have.  This started to become a problem for me when I found myself running towards key locations only for another member of the team to pick up or hand-in, so I’d have to run the other way again.. after a while this just makes me feel useless.  I don’t like my teammates to have to carry me; I like to feel that I’ve done the missions too.

The slower pace of this game was much more suited.. and the Beserker felt a lot stronger than the Soldier, who I played last time.

I tried out more weapons as well, including a little pink gun which probably looked a little silly in Brick’s hand 😉

I made up for the slur to his masculinity later, when I got the Launcher.  Size is everything, right?
This launcher wasn’t quite as effective a weapon as I’d have liked it to be, but I guess if it was accurate as well as hugely destructive, and you could carry a lot more ammo for it, then it’d be a bit overpowered.

We got plenty of time in the vehicles, too.  I’m playing on keyboard and mouse so that I can use a push-to-talk key on Mumble, but if I was going to be doing more of the driving I might want to switch to the 360 controller..  I’m not really so keen on steering with the mouse as I then can’t look around.  I loved the turret though, with plenty of rockets to fire! 🙂

Despite our lovely powerful weapons, we did get knocked down a lot too. Between getting knocked down and dying, you can be revived by a teammate.. you can also get Second Wind if you kill an enemy while knocked down, which puts you straight back on your feet again.

I seemed to be rather unlucky with getting the killing blow once knocked down, and had to rely on being picked up a lot!

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