Borderlands 2 – Bring Friends? Ok Then!

I really enjoyed Borderlands.. ignoring my initial confusion over weapons, at least.  Once we’d sorted out the questing.. I don’t tend to like running back and forth between points without knowing what’s going on.. it was good fun with friends too.

So for Borderlands 2, I’m playing with friends again, though it does mean slow progress as we have to all be available at the same time.  This should give me a chance to check the story out properly, and explore a bit.. but I’m playing through Dragon Age: Origins still.  Can’t have everything, tho 😉

As one friend nabbed Zer0, I chose Maya, the Siren.  I wasn’t sure about her special ability at first.. I liked and wanted the Phasewalking ability still.. but Phaselock has turned out to be more useful to the group and a little bit more fun as I can trap huge enemies in the air!  The Mechromancer will be available in another two weeks, and as we all pre-ordered, we’ll be able to try her out, or fight over her, fairly soon 🙂

There’s a lot of loot dropping, but I’m not finding all that much in terms of weapon upgrades.  I’m having the same sorts of problems as in the beginning of Borderlands as well; not enough storage for either vendor-trash or ammo.  There are some fun weapons in there, such as the gun that you have to throw to reload.. though there’s no gun that fires guns 😉

Last night, we got an upgraded Bandit car courtesy of Ellie, as a disguise to help us get into the Bloodshot Stronghold.  It comes with a choice of explosive barrel catapult or spinning sawblades.  I liked the catapult and had a quick go, but we went with the sawblades.  It fit all three of us in it: driver, gunner and the truck bed; and I’m hoping we’ll get to keep it.. though I have my eyes on the flying Buzzards we met in that same area!  Will I get to fly/crash one later?  We’ll have to see 😀

Ellie is a rather amusing character.. self-described as “300 pounds with a great rack”.

Er, okay, honey!  One of her missions had us collecting figurines which were made by the bandits to make her feel bad.. they didn’t, and she wanted them to decorate her garage with!  Gotta love the self-confidence! 😀

I’ve liked the range of enemies in the game this far, and last night I was impressed with the rather cruel Bad Maw, who carries a shield with midgets chained to it!  Shooting the chains means freeing the Midgets, who then attack, but it also counts towards one of the many challenges.

He wasn’t immune to my Phaselock, so this made the chains a lot easier to pick off 🙂

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