Blues and Bullets – New Dev Diary

A Crowd Of Monsters, developers of episodic noir adventure Blues and Bullets, have released their latest developer diary which explores the game design process and character voice recording sessions.

In this third developer diary, lead designer Dan Castellanos discusses the narrative, where players travel in an alternative timeline through fictional town Santa Esperanza and the locations that players visit as they follow the footsteps of Eliot Ness. The team talks about the creation of the noir feeling by using cinematic camera design and the addition of the narrative gun fighting which was designed in order to freshen up the story.

Blues and Bullets - The End of Peace

This video gives a great opportunity to check out the recordings of character voices actors Doug Cockle (Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher 2 and The Witcher 3), the voice of Eliot Ness, John Guerrasio (Jack Dark / Ziegler from Perfect Dark Zero) the voice of Al Capone and Jules de Jongh (Faith from Mirror’s Edge), the voice of Delphine.

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