Revisiting Minecraft

With just a little surprise, I realise it’s about three years since I’ve played Minecraft.. back in 2012, on a friend’s Tekkit server.  Literally a lifetime ago, as the little guy has come along since then.  I also figured out that I first played it all the way back in 2010!  Two lifetimes!  Time to reinstall and have another look, I think 😉

So.. survival or creative?  I loved exploring huge, dark caverns with the threat of mobs appearing from nowhere.. but the lure of diamonds pulling me on.  I also loved building and decorating, though that really took off with the addition of VoxelSniper, when I was able to carve out huge caverns..

Inside the City


Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter is a free to play mobile base-building game from Bethesda, revealed during their E3 conference.  Fallout Shelter puts you in control of a state-of-the-art underground Vault from Vault-Tec.  Build the perfect Vault, keep your Dwellers happy, and protect them from the dangers of the Wasteland.

Fallout Shelter


The Monster Summer Game

The Monster Summer Game, a part of Steam’s Monster Summer Sale, is a team-based game where players fight monsters in order to complete milestones and unlock special deals.

The Monster Summer Game - Waiting For Players


Playing Kyn

I received review code this evening for Kyn, the classic role playing game from Tangrin and Versus Evil due for release at the end of next month.. and in these early hours of playing, it is love.

Kyn Load Screen


Gauntlet 2014

Gauntlet 2014 is a great follow-up to the original Gauntlet.. though a little on the short side.  Like the original, it’s got fast-paced action with plenty of enemies, and there’s also the addition of skill progression and the option to play with friends too.  I love the art style, too..

Gauntlet Dungeon screen



I’m about to fire up Gauntlet, Arrowhead Game Studios’ 2014 version of the classic fantasy hack and slash of the same name!




That was some break..

Let’s steal a phrase and say “You know nothing, CoffeeScamp!”.  Sleeping Through is still a go (go go!) but fixing the lack of time issue did not solve the lack of motivation problem.  I wanted to get things done, but lacked any ability to follow through with that.

In part, that was due to my medication.  I was convinced to try antidepressants.. and along with chopping off both lows and highs, they ate my motivation like nothing else.  The “I can’t be bothered with anything” attitude has hung around all year.

I played games, but couldn’t be bothered to write about them.  Press releases have appeared in my inbox and I’ve not got round to posting them, then forgotten.. no nagging voice in the back of my head pushing me to get on with things.  Oh, and I couldn’t count so well.  I had put that down to “baby brain”, but in the days after coming off the tablets, I noticed the difference.  Dizziness and a head full of brain zaps (thank you withdrawal discontinuation syndrome), but I could total up my shopping basket or figure out how much ‘something’ I’d need to make ‘whatever’.  I can enjoy Sudoku again too 😉

So.. I don’t have the time I used to, for playing or writing about games, but I at least have some motivation and interest again!

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