Black Ops II’s Midnight Launch and Other Things

Call of Duty: Black Ops II launches across the UK at midnight tonight!

Treyarch have already posted the security and enforcement policy for Black Ops II, listing the offenses which result in temporary and/or permanent bans for offenders. 

The cheapest deals for the game are being rounded up in the gaming press.. and as for retailers’ drawing power: one fan has been queuing outside HMV’s Oxford Street store since Thursday!

22 Cans are now appealing for help, via donations, to fix Curiosity: The Cube and help cover their increasing server costs.  There has been far more interest in the game than expected, resulting in heavy server load, and the the company’s rather small team of developers have been working around the clock to try and keep it all running.

Curiosity: The Cube is available for free on Android and iOS, but the PC version mentioned during 22 Can’s original announcement is nowhere to be seen.  Peter Molyneux told RPS that the development team would love to do a PC version, but is too busy maintaining the servers for current players.

THQ has defaulted on their $50m loan from Wells Fargo, though the bank is continuing to fund requests from the publisher.  Discussions are ongoing, and THQ believes an agreement can be reached.

Borderlands 2 may be getting new class DLC; Gearbox Software’s Randy Pitchford replied in the affirmative to a question about this on Twitter.  Gearbox had previously said that new characters would be possible if the Mechromancer DLC was a success.

As for success: Notch has just confirmed 8 million sales of the PC version of Minecraft!

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