BioShock 2

I’ve not updated in a while.. mainly because all my free time is taken up with playing games!  I know, I know, poor excuse. 😉

I just completed BioShock 2, a little later than planned, but for me it’s a good achievement.  I’m too easily distracted with other new games, or recently, with another game of L4D2 – which has been improved greatly with the addition of infected AI.

Comparing BioShock 2 with the original.. I still can’t decide which of the two is better.

#2 had a lot to live up to in terms of storyline, and after the twist in the tale of the first, I was always going to be suspicious of the motives of the various characters.  I wanted to kill Lamb right from the off – that didn’t change throughout, although in the end it wasn’t up to me..

When given a choice between good and evil, I tend towards good, so in both games I ended up adopting and rescuing the Little Sisters rather than harvesting them.

As with other games recently, I was comparing progress (or in my case, lack of progress) with friends, and found they were harvesting the Sisters.  I’m going to do that on the next play through, so I won’t be criticising them for it 😉

Hacking and research work differently now, and while I found hacking with the meter to be no problem, another friend preferred the original game’s method of moving pipes around.   Personally I found the meter more fitting than the pipes, so for me this was an improvement.  The new research method was another improvement – recording a video rather than just taking photos, although I once found myself researching a friendly security bot instead of the angry splicer rushing at me, because the bot flew down in the way.

Still, it’s a beautiful looking game, and with the moral choices leading to an alternative ending, it’s a game I’m going to play through again.


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