Battle for Mount Hyjal Complete!

We attempted to clear this raid during the week, but weren’t able to get past Azgalor..

Take two, then!  As our Mage produces the highest DPS in our group, he was given the soulstone so he could res after being killed by Doom when it was his turn.  He was the first to die in this fight, but got marked up again as soon as he was back up!

Although we were slowly winning the fight, Azgalor was still applying Doom and killing us.  Our tank was the last man standing, and finished Azgalor off before the debuff was applied to him. 🙂

We left the Horde encampment and went on to the Night Elf area, and Archimonde, the final boss..

Archimonde was more painful.. his mechanic involves throwing us into the air at intervals, and we’re meant to use the Tears of the Goddess to slow the fall.  After being thrown, I discovered the Tears of the Goddess didn’t last very long.. applying it straight after being thrown meant it wore out and I hit the ground hard.  I think I’ll stick to Levitate!

On our second attempt, I was thrown far from the fight, only getting back in time for Archimonde to fear the group away, meaning I couldn’t heal the tank and he died.  Our mage then tanked for a while, with my smite-healing providing enough to keep him up until the next fear, which disrupted us too much.

There were no freak accidents on the third time round, and once we brought him down to low health, we were joined by a load of Ancient Wisps for the last part of the fight, and an invulnerability buff thanks to Tyrande Whisperwind let us attack without fear.

Group photo! 😀

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