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It had to happen eventually.. I’m back playing WoW!  I’ve also signed up for the Annual Pass, which will allow me to play with the beta for MoP as well as granting me a copy of Diablo III.  I suspect I won’t be playing a lot of WoW when I get my hands on Diablo III, but still.. I think it’s a good deal 🙂

I’m levelling a Troll Hunter alongside a friend’s Priest, at a somewhat relaxed pace.. enjoying the quests, especially when they involve explosions 😉

Despite being granted a ‘free’ level 80 with the Scroll of Resurrection, I haven’t used it yet.  I have a level 85 priest, a mage at 68, then others at lower levels.  Levelling with the friend who I had been recruited by meant many quest lines went unfinished as we outlevelled areas.. and after that, concentrating on where he was and what he wanted to do.. avoiding areas or quests he had done already and hadn’t enjoyed.  Therefore, there are whole areas I haven’t seen.. and I don’t especially want to skip through them at this stage.  I still have my priest for end-game, after all!

Back on my priest, I’ve ditched Holy for Shadow as my secondary talent, and I’m finding it easy enough this far that I can see that sticking with normals would feel dull after a while.. not a feeling I ever had as a healer!  Dungeons are very different as DPS, with a complete change in playstyle and tactics.. aside from it being six months since I saw some of these places, when I was last in them, my focus was the tank and the party’s health bars, and making sure I was neither standing in fire or too far away from my tank.

DPS is relatively easy: healing is not so easy, but less to do with tactics and more to do with other players.  Keeping the tank alive is meant to be your priority, then the rest of the group.. but then you also have the additional burden of idiots who don’t move out of hazards, deliberately pull mobs without the tank being ready, or attack random targets.. and then whine about the tank or healer when they take massive damage.  I enjoyed healing, but I hated the constant criticism and being blamed for group failures.  Knowing that you’re going to be moaned at takes the fun out of things.  Then there was the other thing: the expectation of healing up the entire group after combat, even when it took more than one mana break to do it.  This of course led to more whining from people who didn’t like waiting for me to drink once, let alone twice, but weren’t prepared to take any responsibility and bring food or bandages..

My friends have a simple enough policy.. if somebody keeps on standing in fire, or pulling for the tank, they let him die.  If he complains about it, they just tell him it was his own fault.  Maybe that’s a strategy I need to pick up too.. let the problem player be a problem to that player alone, rather than my problem.

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