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I’ve wanted to come back to the Technic Pack for a while.. but I had put it off because of messing around updates and .bin files.. I was still playing with VoxelSniper on an old server build and was avoiding updating my client.  However, two things happened: I discovered the rather awesome Technic Launcher, which lets you switch between vanilla and a few Minecraft mods from a nice drop down list.. and a friend decided that he wanted to try out the Technic Pack too, and replaced our regular Minecraft server with a Tekkit server.

We started off with plans to play in Survival mode.. after coming across a volcano, I decided there could be no better place to build a home 😉

Once I had somewhere to hide from the mobs, I dug out the tutorial I followed last time and went back through the first tasks: finding a Rubber Tree, crafting a Treetap from wooden planks, and using the Treetap to extract Sticky Resin..

The guide says the next step is to go mining, for Copper, Redstone, and Iron in particular.. but with mobs and our hunger bars against us, I decided to arm myself and find food first.

I went the animal farming route.. I used wheat to drag all the nearby animals together, and trapped them behind fences to stop them wandering off, then fed them wheat so they’d breed.. before killing them for their meat! 😉

After gathering some resources, it was time to get started on the machines: the Iron Furnace, easily made from a regular furnace plus five iron bars; then an Extractor, to extract rubber from Resin, Rubber Tree wood and saplings; a Generator, for electricity; and then the Macerator.. this adds another step to processing ores as it churns them to dust which then has to be smelted.. but for this extra step, you get twice the number of ingots.  Dust is also needed for other things later.. including Bronze items.

I find the machines a lot of work with little payout to begin with: e.g., the Extractor takes Copper and Rubber (Copper Cable), Copper Cables, Refined Iron and Redstone (Electronic Circuit) and more Refined Iron (Machine Block).. and at this point, all I’m getting from it is improved Rubber production.

The guide said to make and then charge RE batteries in the Generator and then use those in the other machines, but instead, you could connect the machines with more copper cable and bypass the need for batteries.  The Generator makes energy by burning coal, charcoal, wood, saplings and so on.. and I got fed up of farming wood to burn!  Fortunately, there are automated power generators: solar panels, windmills, water mills, geothermal generators and nuclear power.

My friend had started using solar panels, which generate a decent amount of power.. but they only work during the day.  I decided to try out the Windmill, placing it high above my base, on top of the cable so there was nothing else sharing the same airspace.  Although my volcano base was the highest point around, it wasn’t really high enough: I hooked up my Extractor, but it just clicked on and off.. the windmill just wasn’t producing enough power.  I added a second windmill but it still wasn’t enough for the Extractor.

I decided to stick it back in the basement, so I picked up the Extractor, using the wrench.. but it bugged and gave me only a Machine block.  We had noticed the Not Enough Items (NEI) interface included in the mod, and as we were playing Survival, we turned off the cheat mode and simply used it for the recipe list.  I was rather annoyed with the Extractor bugging though, and as this was the second time it had happened, I decided to replace it with the cheat mode!

At this point, the lure of instantly added items and machines took over a little.. with my friend starting on robots and programmable things, resulting in some very long minetracks under the ground.. which were quite fun to ride on 🙂

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