Atom Zombie Smasher

Atom Zombie Smasher was recommended by the boss a while ago, after appearing in a Steam offer for just a few quid..

This is a top down strategy game in a world overrun with zombies, or Zed, as they’re called in this game.  Your task is to evacuate civilians from cities under attack, while attempting to contain the Zed outbreak for as long as you can.. a battle you can’t actually win.

Cities are randomly generated for each level, with civilians represented as little yellow dots, and Zed as pink dots.  To evacuate civilians you simply send in your Evac helicopter, which loads in as many civilians as it can before taking off..

The tactics come in placing the helicopter where it can safely load people with no Zed, as the helicopter will take off if Zed get near the landing zone.  The Zed enter the city via a few spots during the first day phase, but will start to flood in from all sides once night falls.. if you make it till night 🙂

To assist in the evacuation, you can also deploy military forces.. Infantry, Snipers, Artillery, and later, Barricades, Landmines and Dynamite, with a few more high powered weapons being allowed at other times too.  I found the Infantry and Snipers to be my favourite.. while Barricades were useful to funnel Zed around the city they are rather passive, and Dynamite in particular has to be blown up all in one go, which means it doesn’t always kill enough Zed.

After each Evacuation, points are assigned based on the overall performance, with individual points per squad.  A good performance can allow your squads to level up, allowing faster movement, more accuracy or other perks, which make the next mission a little easier.. though I found myself then hoping to carry on using the squads I’d upgraded, rather than another, less used one.

Points are also assigned to the Victory Track, which tallies up your influence versus the Zed influence.. with more perks unlocking as you go along.  I loved the Elephantbird.. a supercannon which I was given for just one mission, allowing me to pick off all the zombies in a highly-infested zone by simply bombing them through the city!

When the Victory Track fills for either side, they win.  The odds are stacked towards the Zed, as the infected areas spread after every turn, thereby gaining more points per level and eventually reaching a perk which enables larger outbreaks.

You’re maybe not meant to win the game, so much as lose as gracefully as possible 😉

I can also now add Atom Zombie Smasher to my list of completed games!

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