Argent Tournament Pets

I now have all the Argent Tournament Pets.. and all thanks to friends 🙂

A friend gave me the Enchanted Broom quite some time back, a little while after we got our chars up to 80 and he started on the Argent Tournament dailies.  Yesterday, another friend gave me the Tirisfal Batling..

Today, I was given the Durotar Scorpion, the Mulgore Hatchling, and the Shimmering Wyrmling!

I can’t learn the summon for the Shimmering Wyrmling until I’m exalted with The Sunreavers, but I wasted no time at all taking a look at the others..

I was shocked and amused to find that he stings!  I wasn’t sure what to expect from the Mulgore Hatchling, as neither the Broom or the Batling had attacked me, but I kept an eye on him too.

He randomly scarpers.. off round the corner, to do who knows what before running back.

I don’t know what the Shimmering Wyrmling does..
I assume he shimmers, of course, but otherwise I don’t have a clue.  I’m not going to check the net either.. just leave it till I’m able to summon him 😀

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